Giving Wings Aviation

Aircraft Rental

As the only operator on the field to be fully insured and approved for solo aircraft rental, we offer you many different aircraft to meet your rental needs.

Get your "RV Grin" on by flying our new RV12-SLSA.  This little guy is a excellent performer.  N262VA features a full glass cockpit, autopilot and excellent useful load for a LSA.  Very responsive and a joy to fly.   $123/hr. wet.

N5123R -172/160hp. Very well equipped for your traveling needs.  It has dual HSIs, autopilot, Garmin 430 nav/com/gps, radar altimeter, and is IFR certified.  $140/hr. wet.

N23GD-172/180hp. Leather interior, Long Range Tanks, GNS 530 WAAS, Traffic and Weather, Autopilot, 1,030lb. useful load, IFR certified.  $145/hr. wet.

N4341W- Beechcraft Sierra is perfect for logging hours toward a complex endorsement.  GNS 530 WAAS, Traffic and Weather.  S-TEC autopilot with GPSS and ALT hold.  Serves as a great IFR cross country machine.  $153/hr. wet.

N6888Y-  Our multi-engine airplane can be rented solo to qualified individuals.