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Flight Training Services

Eric Nuffer, our Owner/Operator, holds CFII, MEI and Single Engine Sea ratings.  He acquired the time and experience in many different aircraft to be able to offer you customer centered instructional services.  He will challenge you in the cockpit while keeping the training experience fun.  Flight Training can be challenging, but it should always be fun. 

Our flight training staff are all enthusiastic when it comes to providing you with the best flight training experience.  Each and everyone of them are valuable members of our GWA family.

Caleb Funk brings his enthusiasm to the flight deck and instructs in our Cessna 172s and the RV12.  His knowledge of the area makes him a great Air Tour pilot.

Tyler Leach instructs in our 172s and our wonderful little Champ.  Tyler always has a smile and an infectious grin.

Richard DeVreese, our future missionary pilot, instructs in our 172s and also holds Airframe and Powerplant Certificates. 

Ben Lamb, a local charter pilot, is also part of the team.

We provide quality Sport, Private, Instrument and Commercial Training in your plane or ours! 

Earn a Sport Pilot Certificate in our beautiful new RV-12 SLSA or our Champ and then easily continue working towards your Private Pilot Certificate in the RV-12 or one of our two Cessnas.  All your training time towards your Sport Pilot Certificate counts towards future ratings. If you want to do Private, Instrument or Commercial training, then either of the Cessnas will help you get it done.  

Commercial training is done in our beautiful Beechcraft Sierra.  N4341W is also available to rent to build complex time.

During the long and cold Northern Michigan winters we offer Skiplane training in our Champ on wheel penetration skis.  Come give skiplane flying a try.  

N8490L, our amphibious Cessna 172 will take you to many different lakes as you work towards you Single Engine Sea Rating.   Call today to schedule your SES add-on to your Private or Commercial Certificate.

Need a FAA Flight Review?  A  Flight Review is a great way to sharpen your skills while meeting FAA requirements.   

Aircraft wet/hr. Rates:

C172/150hp- $140
C172/180hp- $145
Champ- $90
Floatplane- $230 (includes instructor)
RV-12SLSA- $123

Flight instruction is $47/hr.

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